History's Darkroom Discussion Series:

Dutch soldier-photography during the Indonesian National Revolution (1945–50) in context: Rethinking histories of colonialism and military violence - A discussion with Susie Protschky

1 September 2022, 10am CEST

Please join the NIOD ImageLab and the Research Centre for Material Culture (RCMC) for a talk with historian Susie Protschky, in which she will map out a plan for placing the many thousands of photographs taken by Dutch soldiers during their deployment to Indonesia between 1945 and 1950 within a longer historical context of military photography and colonial violence. This discussion is the second in the History's Darkroom Discussion Series organized by NIOD ImageLab and is co-hosted by the RCMC.


Susie Protschky is Associate Professor in History at Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia) and an Australia Research Council Future Fellow (2021–5) for the project ‘Decolonisation and photography in Southeast Asia: Histories and legacies’. She is the author of the prize-winning book Photographic Subjects: Monarchy and Visual Culture in Colonial Indonesia (Manchester University Press, 2019), as well as Images of the Tropics: Environment and Visual Culture in Colonial Indonesia (2011), and editor of Photography, Modernity and the Governed in Late-Colonial Indonesia (2015) and (with Tom van den Berge), Modern Times in Southeast Asia, c. 1920s–1970s (2018).

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Feminism, Photography and Resistance Online Research Symposium

28 April 2022, 4pm - 8:30pm CEST

Please join us for an online research symposium on photography and resistance through a feminist lens. Speakers include:

⎼ Anna Rocca in conversation with Dora Carpenter-Latiri about her exhibition, Tunisian Women of the Book
⎼ Julia Winckler on the work of Marilyn Stafford
⎼ Gabriella McGrogan on resistance to the war on drugs in the Phillipines
⎼ Taous Dahmani on the visual culture of the 1976 Grunwick dispute in the UK
⎼ Tessa Lewin in conversation with South African photographer Dean Hutton
⎼ Heather Diack on the work of Civil Rights photographer Doris Derby
⎼ Rosario Montero on documentary photography in Chile
⎼ Tara Pixley speaking about her film, Rebel Vision, on the work of Black female and non binary photographers associated with Authority Collective

All are welcome!

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History's Darkroom Discussion Series:

Stop Tanks With Books - A discussion with Mark Neville

14 April 2022, 4pm CEST

Please join the NIOD ImageLab for a discussion with photographer Mark Neville about his book, 'Stop Tanks With Books'. This discussion is the first in the History's Darkroom Discussion Series organized by NIOD ImageLab.  

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Feminism, Photography and Resistance Discussion Series

March-April 2022

A series of online talks held in association with Four Corners in the UK

10 MarchAgainst the Tide and Us For All Women

A conversation with Rose Comiskey, Camila Cavalcante and Orla Fitzpatrick about photography, protest and reproductive rights in Ireland and Brazil 

24 MarchEssential Work

Heather Diack in conversation with Civil Rights photographer, educator, artist, and activist Dr. Doris Derby

31 March - ‘I Cannot Be Sure That I Will Not Be Erased or Voided’

Aga Skrodzka in Conversation with Katarzyna Kozyra

21 April - Organising, Protesting and Taking Pictures

An in-conversation with Taous Dahmani, Maggie Murray & Joanne O’Brien about the Format women's photography agency, 1983-2002.

Crying for Justice Livestream public discussion

28 March 2022

Haroon Gunn-Salie in partnership with the South African Coalition for Transitional Justice (SACTJ) presents a public discussion about Crying for justice, a site-specific installation by Gunn-Salie presented on the unmarked site near the historic gallows at the Castle of Good Hope in Central Cape Town. Speakers include Mary Burton, Howard Varney, Yasmin Sooka, Kylie Thomas, Shirley Gunn and Haroon Gunn-Salie.

Livestream at 18.00 SAST: https://youtu.be/OZFM1GoVxB0

More info: https://www.haroongunnsalie.studio/projects/cryingforjustice

Strike a Rock film screening and discussion

21 March 2022

Nomusa Makhubu, Patience Mususa and Helene Strauss speak with Ksenia Robbe and Kylie Thomas about the enduring effects of the first massacre to take place in South Africa after the end of apartheid. https://www.zuidafrikahuis.nl/product/footnotes-intersectional-strategies-in-south-africa-2/

Book presentation by Machlien Vlasblom

10 March 2022

Book presentation ‘Wij waren supermannen’  – Jan en Herman Heukels, broers, fotografen, nationaalsocialisten by Machlien Vlasblom. NIOD ImageLab researcher Kees Ribbens will give a short talk about ‘begrenzingen van de verbeelding’ (in Dutch).

Location and time: Boekhandel Waanders in de Broeren, Achter de Broeren 1-3,8011 VA Zwolle, 6.45PM. More info: Waanders in de Broeren | Presentatie Machlien Vlasblom

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