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Every Day Someone Disappeared

In the short video Every Day Someone Disappeared, Rosetta Musaph-Andriesse speaks about the photograph seen below which was taken at the Jewish Lyceum in Utrecht in May 1942.

The photograph forms part of the NIOD ImageLab Behind the Star project, which aims to identify the names and stories of Jewish people wearing the Yellow Star depicted in photographs included in the Beeldbank WO2 / the Image Bank WW2.

Rosetta Musaph-Andriesse recognised herself in this photograph and reached out to the ImageLab Team.
Joods Lyceum Utrecht - Beeldbank WO2 - 96978.jpg
Class of Joods Lyceum Utrecht, 1942. Top row, from left to right: Bart van der Hoede, Werner Danziger, Directeur Van Arend , Fiet Andriesse-Hes, Loet Cohen, Peter Blumenthal, Liesbeth Muller, Frans Schlesinger. Bottom row from right to left: Phili Rothschild, Jos de Liever, Paulie de Vries, Rosetta Musaph-Andriesse. NIOD Collection - 96978
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