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by Ju Koopman

In an attempt to identify people in the images from the Beeldbank 'Behind the Star' collection, the ImageLab tries multiple ways for viewers to interact with the collection. Here you will find an interactive geo-map in which most of the images from the Behind the Star collection are embedded. The aim of this map is for viewers to experience the story of Jewish people wearing the yellow star as a whole rather than as individual images. While putting this map together, new insights were gained about geographical strategies by the Nazi occupier as well as the lives of the victims.

A few remarks/disclaimers are necessary to add here. (1) The Behind the Star project is an on-going project and new insights and information is discovered every day. For this reason the map might not be up to date every day. Below this page you will find when the timestamp for when the map was last updated. (2) While the goal of  the ImageLab team in this project was to discover new information about the image collection, in reality a lot of time was spent uncovering mistakes and untrue information in the existing knowledge. Therefore, although a lot of careful research has been done in the compilation of this map, the information shared here is still precarious. (3) The last remark follows up on the second point. Although it is true that there is no 100% certainty about what is shared here, this might also be the point of this project. It is highly appreciated by the ImageLab team that viewers actively take part in this map and potentially help us uncover the truth about the victims of the Holocaust piece by piece.

Updated: October 2023

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